RaceQuip 855 Enduro Harness

RaceQuip 855 Enduro FIA 8853-2016 pull down 2" lap camlock style harness sets are designed and built to deliver the best value in safety. This is an endurance version due to the fact that the crotch straps are easily adjustable and all the other adjusters have easy pull handles. There are also loops on the shoulder harnesses to attach bungee cords or the like, in order to pull the belts up and away when they are disconnected. All of these features allow for quicker co-driver changes during an endurance race. Construction starts with a lightweight magnesium alloy dual direction cam buckle that stays attached to the crotch strap so it is out of the way when entering and exiting the racecar. The six point configuration incorporates a comfortable dual 2" wide moustache bar crotch strap design that is adjustable to 24" in length. The lap belt is a 2" wide pull-down configuration which means that you pull the lap belt straps down and away from the cam buckle to tighten. The 2" wide lap belt is adjustable from 22" to 60" in length and has sewn ends with snap hooks and eyebolts installed. The individual shoulder belts transition from 3" wide below the adjuster to 2" wide above to accomodate a HANS or other Forward Head Restraint device. Shoulder lengths can be adjusted from 20" to 68". RaceQuip 856 meets the stringent FIA 8853-2016 standard which allows racers in some sanctions to use them for five years before replacing.