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G-Force Pro Series FIA 5pt. Camlock Harness

FIA certified for full 5 year certification through SCCA from date of purchase. Extensive development of our new proprietary PolyTeck low stretch webbing has brought ... Read more


Extensive development of G-Force's new proprietary PolyTeck low stretch webbing has brought racing technology to a new level. After painstakingly developing polyester webbing that outperforms the competition, G-Froce offer these harness sets. A poly-based comfort-coated webbibng interacting wtih G-Force's proprietary hardened steel belt hardware are combined for an ensuring belt system with the test data to back it up. G-Force constantly test their products to the point of failure to produce higher quality products. This is the reason G-FORCE Racing Gear is the only manufacturer to use 3-inch wide bolt end hardware pieces instead of the 2-inch standard pieces that all other manufacturers use. At the point of failure a 3-inch wide bolt end will withstand almsot 2000 pounds more before failure than a 2-inch wide bolt end piece. All Pro Series harness sets come complete with speed tabs for easy release and grip rolls for tensioning which make for easy adjustment while suited up - even with helmet restraint systems. The new PolyTeck harness sets are available in all current G-FORCE Racing Gear belt system configurations. FIA approved... for Longer 5 Year approval with SCCA from date of purchase.


  • Rating: FIA & SFI-16.1 Certified
  • Shoulder Length: 26" - 50"
  • Waist Belt: 38" - 67"
  • Sub belt: 7" - 25"
  • End Fittings: bolt on ends included
  • Wrap ends: Yes, lock bars included for easy end fitting replacement