OMP WRC Steering Wheel Smooth by OMP

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OMP WRC Steering Wheel Smooth

WRC Steering Wheel. Smooth Black Leather. Mid-depth dished steering wheel, 3 uncovered anodized spokes. 3 spoke design. Diameter: 350 mm. ... Read more


OMP’s 3 spoke WRC steering wheel is a Motorsport specific steering wheel intended for saloon car racing or rally racing use. The semi dish, 350mm diameter design. The OMP WRC Steering Wheel fits every standard Momo, OMP, and Sparco type boss kit. The yellow color ring at the top center is not only ideal for figuring out which way is forward when things get a bit messy, but it's also great for keeping tabs on steering input when data isn't available.


  • 3 spoke design.
  • Diameter: 350 mm.
  • Handgrip: round 30 mm.
  • Depth 70 mm.
  • Supplied with horn button.
  • Black anodized spokes.
  • Smooth leather.
  • Yellow stitching.
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