Bell Helmet Shields

Bell recommends that you periodically change shields for better vision and safety. We offer a variety of hand formed face shields for all new and existing models. Shields are available for all full-face models in clear, light smoke or dark smoke variations. Our high-resolution amber shield is available for certain models. All shields come with adjustable tear-off posts. In addition, our Blue and Gold Chrome shields combine style and reflective appearance with the optical clarity of our standard light smoke shield. Blue,Silver & Gold Chrome shields cost $65.00 . Use the following chart to determine the proper shield for your helmet:
  • Item 276-SRV fits Snell05 Dominator,GTX. Snell 05 K1 & KartPro if bought after January 2009 and the SA 2010 Vortex GT and 2010 K1 sport.
  • Item 280-SRV fits Snell 05 M4, M4Pro, SA2005 BR-1.
  • Item 281-SRV fits Snell 05 Sport, Vortex, VortexFA, Vortex TFA, M3, M3 Extra, BR1 SA 2010, SA2010 M4 and 2010 Sport .
  • Item 285-SRV fits Snell 05 Infusion.
  • Item 287-SRV fits Snell10 StarGP, Star Infusion, GTX2, GP2 and Dominator 2.
  • Item 289-SRV Fits SA2010 Vador Helmet.
  • Item Star 500 fits Starr 500 Kids Helmets--available in Clear, Light Smoke, & Silver Chrome Only
  • Item CLASSIC Fits SA2010 Star Classic(Clear/Smoke only)
  • c2c_item
    Light Smoke
    Dark Smoke
    Silver Chrome
    Gold Chrome
    Blue Chrome