G-Force GF545 Multi Layer Pants

Size Guide

The GF-545 2-piece suit is built with GTex Nomex outer layer and Nomex Knit interior. The proprietary GTex outer layer gives this suit a supreme soft knit feel with cooler internal temperatures. Users will experience a notable comfort only moments after first donning the GF-545 suit. When a driver can keep his cool, he stays focused every lap, every corner. A more focused driver means more victories which can lead to more championships.Just like the one piece version, the GF-545 carries an impressive TTP rating of 23. The SFI Foundation requires that, in order to be classified as an SFI 3.2A/5 suit, it must obtain a Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) score of 19. The GF-545 suit scores a solid TPP rating of 23 in order to offer a product that exceeds the use in which it was intended. Racers can rest assured when they know that the gear they have purchased was built with the intention of exceeding rather than meeting the specifications. The higher TPP Rating provides a racer with more time to evacuate in the unfortunate event of a accident and/or fire. Fixing a wrecked race car sure beats waking up in the burn ward!Full radius, 360 degree, soft knit arm gussets are provided standard on the GF-545 suits. The 360 degree armholes are built with a soft knit Nomex around the full radius of the shoulder to arm junction. Drivers will note the greater range of motion and unmatched ventilation in this crucial area. Less restriction and more flexibility will serve to aid the driver in on track battles. When a driver can utilize their full range of motion and skill, more wins will soon follow. As an appearance enhancing feature, the GF-545 is manufactured with attractive contrasting box stitching. Contrasting box stitching accents the craftsmanship and quality of the GF-545 suit. A race-ready driver in the GF-545 suit can feel proud to compare their suit to all makes in the paddock or garage area. By giving the appearance of a top quality competitor, users will attract sponsors and fans by being the most professional looking driver at the track.

Boot Cut legs.

Colors: Black,Blue,Red

Sizes: S-XXL
$20 more for XXL.