Racing 0W20 (5G/bucket)

PTH Racing Oil 0W-20

PTH Racing Oils were designed to be the highest quality racing oil with no compromises to protect racing engines that are under incredible stress and heat. Upgraded internal components are expensive and PTH Racing Oils helps protect these parts, using the highest quality base oils, sourced from Exxon, and introducing a number of additives that are not usually found in racing oils due to cost. Sold in 5-gallon pails.


Specific Gravity: – 0.856
Kinematic Viscosity 40C: – 107.19
Kinematic Viscosity 100C: – 15.71
Viscosity Index: – 156
HTHS: – 4.1
Flash Point: – 222°C
Cold Crank Viscosity: – 3616cP

TBN: – 10