RaceQuip SFI-5 Pants


The RaceQuip SFI-5 pants are made of an outer layer of durable Pyrovatex FRC, backed by a layer of Nomex, then lined by another layer of Pyrovatex. The middle layer consists of Nomex batting which is an inherently fire retardant aramid fabric. All racing pants are assembled with heavy-duty, multi-needle, over-lock safety stitch machines to provide exceptional seam strength. SFI-5 pants feature a high quality, heavy duty Nomex backed brass zipper on FR tape installed with a double overlap for a more secure front opening. Stylish full-length black leg stripes work with any color RaceQuip jacket. The black Nomex cuffs along with the boot cut bottoms give RaceQuip driving pants a unique look and style that provides an outstanding value for multi-layer racing pants. SFI 3.2A/5 homologated.