Racing Optics X-Stack Tearoffs

Size Guide

The Racing Optics XStack™ 10 is a stack of 10 laminated tearoffs that are 2 mil thick each. The laminated technology creates a distortion-free optical lens. Each package contains 3 stacks of 10 tearoffs for a total of 30 tearoffs.

  • 10201C - Simpson Voyager/Side Pro Elite/ universal straight
  • 10230C - Impact Vapor, Air Vapor, Charger, Super Charger, Draft
  • 10231C - Impact Champ, Nitro, Super Cyclone
  • 10217S - (Arai: GP-5W, CK-6) / (Icon: Airframe Pro, Airmada) / (Shoei: Bike X-11 and RF1000) / (Bell: Star Bike) / (HJC: AR-10) / (Stand21)