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Simpson Racing Helmet Shields from Simpson

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Simpson Racing Helmet Shields

125 Lexan shield includes anti fog treatments and tear-off posts where applicable. The following chart will guide you to the correct shield for your helmet: ... Read more


Safety comes before speed so, if vision's impaired, you risk the race. It's important that you see an undistorted view of your competition. 125 Lexan shield includes anti fog treatments and tear-off posts where applicable. Simpson helmet shields are offered in clear as well as stylish and functional tints. Clear shields are generally used for night racing or very low light conditions. Amber shields provide a minimal amount of tinting that's ideally suited to overcast weather. Yellow visors are often used in dawn or dusk driving, as they tend to accentuate track features. Tinted shields can help to eliminate glare during daytime driving. Some people find that mirrored shields block even more sunlight than tinted shields and Iridium shields provide the most protection from both sunlight and glare.


  • 101 fits SA2010 and 2015 Shark,Vudo.
  • 102 fits SA2010 and 2015 XBandit, Diamondback,Skull, RX.
  • 103 fits SA2010 and 2015 Sidewinder Voyager,Voyager Evolution, Bull Dog.
  • 843 fits SA2010 and 2015 Stingray, Devilray.
  • 882 fits SA2010 and 2015 Voyager, Model 410.
  • 894 fits SA2010 and 2015 Bandit, Super Bandit, Carbon Bandit, Drag Bandit.
  • 899 fits SA2010 K-10, Kart
  • 863 fits SA2005 Sidepro Elite Helmets.
  • 883 fits SA2005 Super Voyager and Sidewinder Voyager - thru sizes 7-3/8 only
  • 884 fits SA2005 Sidewinder, Sidepro Shark, Vudo Models.
  • 886 fits SA2005 Speedway Shark, Invader, Valor
  • 891 fits Outlaw Bandit Motorcycle Models.
  • 892 fits SA2005 RX.
  • 893 fits SA2005 SX
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